Christ's Hope International

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry CarePoint: Maman Mobutu

The first DRC Ministry CarePoint is situated in the Southwest of the capital city of Kinshasa. Maman Mobutu is a small neighborhood built on a hill. It was built by the wife of the late president, Mobutu Sese Seko; thus its name: Maman (wife) of Mobutu. The area is quite endangered by erosion - in 2011, 11 residents speak the local language, Lingala.

Christ's Hope DRC selected this area as the site for the first CarePoint because there at least 200 children in serious need of care in the immediate vicinity. Up to 80% of the people living in the area are unemployed and most are uneducated and illiterate. Schools in the area are, for the most part, below standard and most children cannot attend regularly due to an inablility to pay the fees.

People in the area speak of this "strange disease" (AIDS) and the stigma on children who are HIV+ is very high.  Children often start sexual activity by the age of 10 and many are victims of abuse.


About Christ's Hope International

The Crisis...
As the sun sets each day in sub-Saharan Africa, 3800 men, women and children will have died from HIV and AIDS and another 4900 will have become infected. There are an estimated 30 million orphans - nearly half of them due to AIDS.

The Response...
Christ's Hope International was founded in 2003 by Jos and Sylvia Holtzhausen, Namibian nationals, who were convinced after many years of working with orphans, that a new approach was needed. Because of the size and scope of the crisis and the devastating effects of the pandemic on society, it became clear that only an evangelical approach would do.

With that in mind, Christ's Hope International was formed to bring care, nurturing, love, dignity and the hope that can only come through the saving grace of Jesus Christ to people who have been impacted by the AIDS pandemic. Over the last 10 years as we have learned and grown, our primary focus has shifted to the AIDS affected child.