Calvary Reformed Church was established in 1934 in Ripon by a small group of families focused on living out their faith in relationship with God and one another. Since then,  the church has grown and changed in many ways but what has not changed is our desire to see Ripon, the Central Valley and the world transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

Our passion it that you would see yourself as a part of His redemptive plan and join us as we grow the Kingdom here at Calvary Church.


We exist to REACH lost people for Jesus and to GROW passionate disciples who are sent to SERVE as a hospital for the broken. We believe this is the summation of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment all rolled into one. We will do that by letting down our walls, walking authentically with one another and by unapologetically pursuing the will of God in our heart and home.


Is that Calvary Church will be a hospital for the broken. We are all broken by sin, but we believe Jesus is the great healer of our soul who takes us as we are but will not leave us the way that we came! Our desire is that all may come to know God’s great love, healing and joy through a personal relationship with Christ.